Do you want to know more about the Travel Inspirers team? Then you have arrived to the correct place. Come in and see the members and blogs which have helped the Travel Inspirers experience become real. 7 professional and multitask profiles, focused on inspiring new destinations through their personal experience, their dreams, their images and their words.

3 viajes

3viajes 3viajesaldia was born in 2007 as a collaborative project with a strong passion focusing on travelling and experiencing the world. It has grown and evolved overtime, with more editors and collaborators, but its principles stay the same: 3viajesaldia’ crafted chronicles want to inspire the passion for travel in others. The team is formed by 5 multidisciplinary bloggers with different expertises ranging from journalists to community managers, SEO, online marketing and web development specialists. They also approach their travel stories with different styles and interests: backpacking, history, culture, architecture, etc. 3viajesaldia has years of experience in collaborating with tourism boards, PRs, media companies and brands in several promotional actions. After more than 900 published posts, 3viajesaldia stays as one of the most popular and visited blogs in Spain, and covers a wide range of angles of travel and destinations, but always with an experiential approach.

El Pachinko

pachinkoPau García Solves is a travel blogger and Communications Manager on, an online travel agency. With a degree in Journalism, Pau has worked in several online media companies, always related to new technologies and tourism. He is also professor in UMH Elche university (master in e-commerce and digital marketing courses). Pau writes actively in his blog El Pachinko, one of the most popular in the travel blogs spanish scene. He is also editor on El Diario del Viajero blog (Weblogs SL). El Pachinko first started with a high specialization on asian destinations, but has evolved and now covers other destinations and also focuses on traveling with children.

Guías viajar

guias-viajar Journalist with a long experience as a Business Director in several editorial businesses, José Luis Serralde works now full-time on his Guias-Viajar travel blog. In this project he combines his expertise as a professional and a traveler, publishing experiences of his journies around Spain, Europe and North America. Culture, nature and landscapes tourism are the main focus areas on Guías Viajar, mixed with practical travel data. Also picture galleries and videos (through YouTube channel) sum up to bring more than 2.700 travel posts to the Spanish audience since 2008.

Nani Arenas

la-viajera-empedernida 1375708_10201331233514216_886294880_nNani Arenas: Sounding board and storyteller. Journalist with more than 15 years of experience in written and audiovisual medias. And since 2008, ¡hardened traveller! Travel blog with the aim to transmit the travelling spirit to those who get close by. I infect and, careful! I don’t know the anthidot against the nomad spirit. The world of digital comunication thrills me. I believe that the social media explosion opens an incredible horizon to all traditional storytellers. We live in a revolution greater than when printing was invented. In front of uys there is a rich world and master it is an ambitious objective that I’m in.

Paco Nadal

paco-nadal paco-nadal-viajesPaco Nadal is a renowned spanish travel journalist, writer, photographer and documentary director that transformed his passion into a lifestyle and a profession more than 20 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. Paco collaborates with El Pais spanish newspaper, he hosts a travel show on radio (Cadena SER), stars in travel documentaries in Canal Viajar and writes travel guides for El Pais-Aguilar editorial. Paco has also published two narrative books, “El cuerno del elefante”, first book that prestigious National Geographic published from a spanish author, and “Pedro Páramo ya no vive aquí”, narrative prize of travel for Eurostar-RBA editorial, 2010. Paco writes his most personal views on travel experiences and also travel news on El blog de Paco Nadal, blog that belongs to El Viajero, El Pais online supplement group of blogs. He rambles about his travel experiences giving protagonism to good literature, but also sporting an amusing, entertaining and critical style.

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José Miguel Redondo (Sele)

rincon-sele seleWith more than 80 countries visited José Miguel Redondo, mainly known as Sele, is focused on narrating his experiences since 8 years ago in El Rincón de Sele. He owns a degree in Documentation and besides his own blog he works as well as content coordinator and editor in Cadena SER Viajes and Los40viajes where he never stops doing world trip through his detailed articles. He has performed many photograph expositions and given conferences about tourism and travelling in different places around Spain. Besides, he is one of the founders of #Tertuliasviajeras, a successful event that takes place on a monthly basis in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona. Sele offers in his writings practical information focused on independent travellers without forgetting to offer an emotional, passional and critical touch. There is one motto that always walks with this versatile blogger and never stops repeting every now and then: “To travel is to invest in life”.


Viajablog is a travel and tourism portal in Spanish language, with an audience mainly from Europe and South America but with visitors from all over the world. Their 4 editors (Avistu, David, Sergi and Quique) write both about their individual travels or as part of organized trips and provide useful information about transportation, accommodation, and the destination as well as sections with participation and content provided by their readers. Since Viajablog started back in 2005, they have published more than 2,800 articles and their readers have left more than 8,800 comments. Viajablog distinguishes from other blogs in that their 4 editors have all them travelled the world for 6 months or more and in several occasions, mostly by backpacking. Notwithstanding, the blog´s audience is very broad as they cater for all kinds of travelers, from weekend tourists to the independent traveler looking for personalized information and tips on destinations and accommodation.



chavetas2Isaac Martín and Paula Bello created Chavetas back in April 2006. This project was born from their passion for travelling. In their site they mix the most authentic, exotic and wild places in our planet (Antarctica, Greenland, Galapagos or Southern Seas) together with the most traditional trips around Spain or Europe. They always capture their memories with a travelling soul grown with the experience. In addition to that, Isaac brings a business background with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, MBA and digital marketing studies. His career path has been closed to the tourism industry where he masters a good knowledge in the matter.

Under the 3 pilars of honesty, independence and credibility they like to remember their readers that “the world is big enough to make your dreams come true”.