We are a group of journalists, photographers and travel professionals with a proven professional know how, now applied on travel blogs.

Above all, we are communicators who share a passion for travel and a commitment to quality contents,
editorial independence and high frequency of publication.

What we have in common

Travel Inspirers is formed by 8 of the main travel bloggers in Spanish language; proffesionals in journalism, photography, video and online marketing with a long experience in travel content creation, destination broadcasting and compilation of useful advices in the world of travelling.

Born in april 2012 with the main purpose to offer a professional answer in the tourist sector with promotional activities performed in a coordinated manner, always under quality criterias and always with proven metrics. The power of this union has brought Travel Inspirers to collaborate with public institutions and private companies and develop into a real travel and tourism media.

We are overall, travellers. Our blogs are a clear reflection of our professionality in the information about destinations and the creation of products related to the travelling sector. We are linked by the passion of travelling and storytelling with the aim to inspire our readers.

Our blogs are a clear evidence that current technology changes are not at odds with professionalism and the good deeds of journalism.

What we offer

We provide the best and most comprehensive promotion of a destination, proven information and offering transparent and professional results.

The possibility of organizing courses and seminars about new technology and Communication 3.0 with the best speakers and proffesionals in the area.

The power of 10 of the main travel blogs in Spanish together in the same platform. A foundation where advertising and marketing have a lot more visibility and return of investment than in individual blogs or webs. We offer professional response and official results for the activities performed under our best quality criteria.

Overall, the members of Travel Inspirers provide:

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